Base Maintenance

GAMECO's Phase I hangar, located at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, is the largest truss structure hangar in China (400m long x 133m wide, and 96,000m2 area). The main hall can accommodate 4 wide-body aircraft (incl. Airbus A380 and Boeing B747), or 12 narrow-body aircraft for all level maintenance. The dedicated paint hangar is equipped with advanced control system of ventilation, temperature and humidity for one A380 or B747 aircraft painting or three A320 aircraft painting at same time.


The Phase II hangar, in service since December 2013 with offering eight maintenance lines of 67,000m2 total space, is located south of the maintenance base. Sophisticated docking systems are installed in four bays for heavy maintenance of narrow-body aircraft. The other bays can support short time or line maintenance services for any type of aircraft except A380.


GAMECO Phase III hangar is located to the north of Phase I and Phase II. It covers an area of 50,482.7 sqm with the total construction area of 98,086.7 sqm. The total investment of Phase III hangar amounts to 886 million RMB. The complex consists of a 34,000 sqm maintenance hall with a span of 334 meters, a three-floor office and workshop building and a 15,000 sqm basement for parking, civil defence and equipment storage. Aircraft washing, engine run-up and limited maintenance work will be performed on a newly added 59,000 sqm apron area. Phase III hangar can simultaneously park 6 wide-body aircraft and 5 narrow-body aircraft, and is designed to accommodate various aircraft types such as A380, A330, B777, B787, A320 and B737.


GAMECO maintenance capabilities cover a wide range of aircraft types, such as Boeing B737/747/757/767/777/787, Airbus A300/310/319/320/321/330/350/380, ARJ21, and EMB-145/190 aircraft.


In addition to headquarters, the PKX production Line of GAMECO can also provide aircraft maintenance services to our customers.


A, B, C and D Checks
Lease Return Checks
Metal and composite Structural NDT, Repair , Modification & Parts manufacture
B737 Cargo Conversion, including B737-800 in cooperation with Boeing
Cabin interiors Refurbishment & Conversion
Corrosion Prevention & Control Program (CPCP)
Pylon Modification
A330-200/300GCS Modification & Rib 6 Repair
A380-800 6-Year Check /Wing Modification /Rib 6 Repair /Cabin Door Modification and other major modification
B737-700/800 AFIRS228 system modification
B737-700/800 winglet modification and pickle fork replacement
B737-700/800 Aircraft Avionics System Modification
A319/A320/A321 and B737-700/800 in-flight WIFI internet system modification
Paint Stripping and Aircraft Painting
Aluminium alloy heat treatment, surface treatment & thermal spraying
Argon arc welding, flush butt welding etc

A380 all check and modification (incl. wing, door and rib 6, etc.)



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