Component MRO

GAMECO Component Business Center (CBC). Employing highly skilled technicians and equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, CBC performs component maintenance and overhaul strictly conforming to the standards defined by the OEM’s, CAAC, FAA, EASA and many other airworthiness authorities in the Asia-Pacific Region. At present, CBC has test, repair & overhaul capabilities for ca. 2,500 major P/N covering Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft. It’s one of the few aircraft component maintenance centers in China with full capabilities.


In April 2018, GAMECO officially launched a project to set up a new component repair base with a total construction area of approximately 60,000 m², which have been put into operation in October 2022. The new component repair base will include a most advanced “one-stop” component repair center and a leading composite repair center in China. International cooperation center and independent research center will be established as well. The Base will become the most comprehensive component repair center with the deepest repair capabilities in China. In the future, with the development needs of the company and the component repair business, the component repair base will be further expanded in the reserved land.


With a comprehensive variety of component repair & overhaul capabilities, GAMECO is proud to offer a one-stop service to your needs.


Component Repair & Overhaul Capability:

Airborne Computers, Instruments and Control Display Units

 Communication and Navigation Systems
Electrical Accessories, Cabin Service Units and Motors
 Flight Control Mechanical Accessories and Oil system
 Air Bleed and Conditioning System
 Emergency Equipment
 Brake and Wheel Hub Overhaul
 Hydraulic Accessories
Fuel Controller and Accessories

Composite Structures, Radome, Thrust Reverser, Nacelle Components





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