Ground Support Equipment (GSE), vehicle management department of GAMECO, offers various special vehicle support services, maintenance,repair and overhaul of corresponding equipment to CSN Guangzhou Base and other airlines according to the service agreement.

GSE is capable of supporting various aircraft for  line maintenance and heavy check, including all series of Boeing and Airbus as well as other types.

With the capability to repair and troubleshoot vehicles (special vehicles and common vehicles)/equipment purchased by GAMECO, as well as implement complete vehicle refurbishment for some models, , GSE repairs, checks, plans and controls all special vehicles in condition that all requirements in manufacturers’ manuals have been satisfied. Based on long-term capability building, through reliability analysis and trouble-shooting experience, GSE provides maintenance, trouble shooting, refurbishment, training and special vehicle components at all levels to various types of special vehicle/equipment. 

Note: special vehicle/equipment  includes conventional tractor,towbarless tractor, ground power unit, air start unit, air-conditioning unit, aerial work platform ,oxygen vehicle,  water truck, crane and aircraft maintenance platform, etc.

GAMECO GSE has been authorized by several equipment manufacturers with maintenance services for their products, including Fresia S.p.A., ITW Airport Ground Equipment Ltd. Co., TLD Asia Limited, John Bean Technologies and Schopf, etc.


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