Landing Gear Repair

GAMECO Qing Yuan Branch including Ying Fu facility and Long Wan facility which is approximately 70km away from Guangzhou HQ was officially inaugurated on March 29th, 2016. The Qingyuan Branch is specialized in landing gear overhaul and deep maintenance of landing gear parts, and possesses comprehensive in-house capabilities for  A320 and B737 narrow-body, A330 and B777 wide-body LDG.


Capable to overhaul 70 sets of narrow body landing gears each year in first phase. With future development, business capabilities can be further expanded to 150 sets per year.
Current capability of B737, A320, A330, B777 landing gear overhaul and component depth repair .
Complete landing gear plating line, including nickeling, chromium plating, low-hydrogen embrittlement (LHE) cadmium stylus plating, bright Cd plating, stainless steel passivating, etc.
Professional workmanship, “One Stop Service” for landing gear parts


CAAC and FAA certificates with extension of 145 maintenance station
International certification
IOS9001 and AS9110C


24-Hour AOG support
Spare parts management / landing gear leasing
Mechanical machining and plating
Landing gear parts repair
Engineering & technical support
“One Stop Service” for landing gear parts


Abundant experiences in landing gear repair / overhaul, mature process control and quality inspection system, with high reputation in the market
Armed with an advanced component repair operating system to keep professionalism and competitive edge in various aspects, including sales, repair, material management, engineering support, logistics and warranty, etc.
Skillful in nondestructive inspection
Optimized “One Stop Service” process with guidance of Lean Management concepts


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