Procurement & Sales


Material Department of GAMECO is responsible for purchasing business, including aviation material purchasing and general commercial items purchasing. This model displays all effective requirement items dynamic. Only approved suppliers can access for inquiry, quoting and bidding. GAMECO Quality System certificating is required for aviation supplier who want to be GAMECO approved supplier.

Procurement Contact Information:
Material Purchasing Supervisor-aviation:
Mr.Donald Tong

Tel: 86-20-86122095

Material Purchasing Supervisor-commercial:
Mr.Tim Li
Tel:  86-20-86124432
Material Purchasing Director:
Mr. Jian Yang
Tel: 86-20-86124716

Sales Contact Information:
GAMECO Materials Sales

Tel: (+86 -20) 861.37892 (Phoenix)
(+86 -20) 861.37785 (Athena)
(+86 -20) 861.21129 (Jessie)
(+86 -20) 861.37665 (Joan)
(+86 -20) 861.20863 (Philip)

Manager - PMA Parts Sales:
Ms. Susan Su
Tel: (86)20–8613 7785
Commercial Business Hotlines: (86-20)86129374




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