Engineering Service

GAMECO Engineering has such functions as Integrated Engineering Solution, structural engineering, engine engineering, engineering support, fleet technical management, modification and design, component/parts R&D and manufacture, cabin engineering and software development & management. In 2009, GAMECO was authorized by CAAC as a Designated Modification Design Organization Representative (DMDOR) and in 2012, a CAAC-PMA Certificate was issued. Then in 2019, GAMECO obtained the EASA Part 21G POA (Production Organization Approval) and EASA Part 21J DOA (Design Organization Approval) certificates issued by EASA. With its qualified and experienced engineers, GAMECO Engineering team is a trusted first choice capable of providing full and customized engineering services to various customers.


Major services provided by our Engineering Department:


Aircraft Leasing/Lease-return solutions

Fleet Technical Management
Continued Airworthiness Management
Maintenance Program Development
Maintenance Schedule Development
Engine Performance Monitoring
Maintenance Reliability Management
On-site Technical Solutions for AOG

Modification/Repair Design Approval (such as modifications on cabin configuration, IFE/WIFI, seat power supply and emergency equipment etc.)
Issue CAAC, FAA or EASA approvals upon customer’s requests.

Parts R&D and manufacture
 Provide aircraft and cabin parts that meet CAAC airworthiness standards;
Provide parts manufacturing service (as a POA holder) for design organizations authorized per EASA Part 21 (DOA holders);

Aircraft Maintenance Software R&D

Integrated Engineering Solution of Aircraft Maintenance
Such service scope covers the entire life cycle of the aircraft leasing.




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