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Shipment to GAMECO from Customers / Suppliers

I. Different Categories of Cargo

Goods of different category must be separately packaged and shipped under different AWB or B/L, the different categories being:

1) normal aircraft parts/materials which should distinguish between expendables and rotables;
2 )tooling/equipment which should be separate from aircraft parts;
3) dangerous/hazardous goods (chemicals) which should always be separated from other categories, Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) are required to accompany the cargo all the time.

Equally important, items sold to GAMECO should always be separated from items of Customer ownership or items loaned to GAMECO or items sent to GAMECO for repair

II. Shipping Documents prepared by suppliers or Customers who ship cargo to GAMECO: Invoice (including Proforma invoice or invoice for Customs purpose only) , Packing List, Packaging Material Declaration

1. Invoice
1) Name or Nomenclature/Description of items shipped should be standardized and easy to comprehend (--name in abbreviation only should be avoided), and should be the same as is on the Packing List.
2) Genuine value of Invoice should be declared in printing. Hand written value on the invoice is invalid for the Customs.
3) All listed items must be priced and the Unit of Measure (UoM) shown on the invoice must be the same as is specified on the packing list.
4) Country of origin of items shipped must be indicated on the invoice if no separate sheet is presented.

2. Packing List
1) The Packing List should be detailed enough to show all the items packed and shipped, Name or Nomenclature/Description of items shipped should be standardized and easy to comprehend (--name in abbreviation only should be avoided), and should be the same as is on the Invoice.
2) Total number of packages under the same AWB or B/L should be specified on the Packing List.
3) Unit of measure of items shipped on the Invoice and the Packing List must be identical to each other.
4) Number of Pieces shown on the AWB or B/L should the same as the total number of boxes shown on the Packing List.
5) Dimensions of each package and gross weight and net weight of each package must be specified on the packing list.
6) With Kits listed in UoM of " KT " or “SET” there must be a detailed breakdown of the complete kit contents for each kit available in the box.

3. Packaging Material Declaration
1) A Packaging Material Declaration is required for each shipment. The Shipper should genuinely declare what packaging material is used for the shipment.
2) If solid wood is used (pallet or crate or wood box or supporting structure, etc. all included), the officially recognized IPPC Heat Treatment Stamp should be applied on each package of wood. Failure in complying with such state requirements may cause serious delay of process and risks return of shipment to the shipper or burn-up of the wood package.

III. Air Waybill (AWB) or Bill of Lading (B/L)

Since GAMECO has its own Import/Export function within the company, all the import/export formalities are accomplished on GAMECO its own. So, all AWB’s or B/L’s should directly address GAMECO if the destination is GAMECO Guangzhou China. Any other way might cause more time and/or expenses to get the cargo delivered to GAMECO.

IV. Shipping Address Of GAMECO

Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co. Ltd.
Henshi Road, Engineering Zone, North District,
Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l Airport
Guangzhou, 510470
P. R. China
ATTN : Import/ Export Section
TEL : 86-20-86128199
FAX : 86-20-86120300

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