Training Service


n             CCAR-147 Aircraft Type Training                                                   


A319/A320/A321CFM56ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


A319/A320/A321V2500ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


A330-200/300TRENT700ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


A330-200/300PW4000ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


A380TRENT900ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B737-300/400/500CFM56ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B737-600/700/800/900CFM56ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B747-400PW4000ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B757-200RB211ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B757-200PW2000ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B767-200/300CF6ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B767-200/300PW4000ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B777-200GE-90ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


B787GEnxME/AV  ATA 104 Level II


EMB-145AE3007ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II & III


ERJ-190 CF34ME/AV  ATA 104 Level II


n          CCAR-147 Civil Aircraft Maintenance Basic Skills Training           


CCAR-147 ME/AV Basic Skills Training


n         CCAR-66 Basic License Training & Basic Skills Training                         


CCAR-66 ME-TA/AV Basic License Training(Condensed)

CCAR-66 AV/AVC/ELC Basic Skills Training(Condensed)

CCAR-66 ME-TA/MEC/STR/PWT/LGR Basic Skills Training(Condensed) 


      Maintenance Personnel Pre-post Training                                       


Aircraft Maintenance Fundamental Concept Introduction


Type Familiarization Course


Aircraft Service Tasks Training


Aircraft Avionics Maintenance Basic Knowledge & Skills Training


Aircraft Mechanical Maintenance Basic Knowledge & Skills Training

Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair Basic Knowledge & Skills Training


Aircraft Composite Repair Basic Knowledge & Skills Training


Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Basic Knowledge & Skills Training


Aircraft Components Repair Basic Knowledge & Skills Training


Aircraft Avionics Task Card Training


Aircraft Mechanical Task Card Training


n           CCAR-147 AVC Repair Items Training                                            


Receiver Repair

Transmitter Repair

Antenna & its Coupler, Controller Repair


TCAS Accessory Repair

DME & Transponder Accessory Repair


Communication & Audio Accessory Repair

Radio Altimeter Accessory Repair

Weather Radar Transceiver Repair

Weather Radar Antenna Repair


Autopilot System Accessory Repair

Cabin Pressurization System Repair


Control Panel Repair

Controller & Process Modular Repair


CRT Display Repair



LCD Display Repair



Mechanical Instrument Repair

Electronic Instrument Repair

Gyro Instrument Repair

Airborne Computer Repair


Audio Recorder Repair

Flight Recorder Repair

QAR Repair



Entertainment System Repair


n          CCAR-147 MEC Repair Items Training                                           

Valve Repair

Turbine Cooler Repair

Pneumatic Starter Repair

A/C Heat Exchanger Repair

Hydraulic Pump Repair

Hydraulic Valve Repair

Actuator Repair

Hydraulic Motor & PTU Repair

Hydraulic Fuse Repair


Fuel Valve Repair

Fuel Regulator Repair


Fuel Nozzle Repair

Oil Pump Repair

Oil Valve Repair


Fuel-oil Heat Exchanger Repair


Metal Pipe Repair

Hose Production Repair

Oxygen Bottle Repair

Nitrogen Bottle Repair


Fire Extinguish Bottle Repair

Emergency Slide Repair

Life Raft Repair


Life Vest Repair

Oxygen Accessory Repair


Seat Repair

Block Repair


Galley Component Repair



Lavatory Component Repair

Control System Mechanical Component Repair

Water System Accessory


CCAR-147 STR Repair Items Training                                            

Aluminum Alloy Structure Repair


Steel/Titanium Alloy Structure Repair

Fuselage Door & Window



Anti-corrosion Treatment

Composite Material Repair


Non-metal Structure Repair

Non-metal Skin Repair



CCAR-147 LGR Repair Items Training                                              

Shock Absorber Repair

Steering Mechanism



Retraction & Extension

Device Repair


Wheel Hub Repair

Steel Brake Repair

Carbon Brake Repair


CCAR-147 ELC Repair Items Training                                               

Generator Repair

Constant Speed Drive Repair

Static Inverter Repair

Electrical Power Control Unit Repair

Contactor & Transformer

Rectifier Repair

Various Control Switch Panels Units Repair

Electrical Motor Repair

Battery Repair

Galley Equipment Repair

 Illumination Equipment


Electrical Appliance

Accessory Repair


Airworthiness Regulations and Maintenance Standards Training  


CCAR-145、EASA Part 145 and FAR-145 Maintenance Organization Regulations Training

Civil Aircraft Maintenance Standards Training


Operation Standards & Aircraft Maintenance Procedures Training


      Special Training                                                                                  


Safety Management System (SMS) Training


EWIS Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Training


Aircraft Structure Engineer Training


B787 Aircraft Composite Repair Training


More than 10 kinds of engine maintenance and borescope

inspection training including CFM56, GE90, GEnx, PW4000,

TRENT700, TRENT900 & V2500.

More than 20 kinds of engine run training including CFM56

(A320/B737), CF34 (ERJ-190), GE90 (B777), PW4000

(A330/B747), TRENT700 (A330), TRENT900 (A380),

RB211 (B757) & V2500 (A320).


Fuel Tank Safety Training


Preliminary / Intermediate / Advanced Aviation Technical

English Training (Listening + Reading + Writing)


Maintenance Human Factors Training







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