Authorities Approvals

We commit to set our standards above the level required by the aviation agencies and customers. Through the continuing development of our Safety Management System we establish an open, honest and straightforward company culture with the contribution and dedication from every employee. Our staff give top priority to safety to ensure the quality of service and satisfaction provided to our customers.


       China CAAC                                EU EASA   


           JMM                                  Korea MOLIT 


                 USA FAA                                 Vietnam CAAV    


      Indonesia DGCA                        Thailand CAAT


                             Singapore CAAS                   Malaysia CAAM                        


                  Lao LDCA                Papua New Guinea CASA


                          UAE GCAA                            Myanmar  MDCA                      


Bermuda BCAA                    Australia CASA


Cambodia SSCA                              Japan JCAB


          Saudi GACA                             Philippines  CAAP



                Kenya KCAA                          Guernsey  (2-REG)


              Cabo Verde                                  Egyptian CAA


          Kuwait DGCA                                  Nepal CAAN


        Rwanda RCAA              



      AS9100                                             AS9110


                      Certificate of Civil                           CERTIFICATE OF CHINESE

 Aircraft Parts Distributor                  AIRLINES SUPPLIER




                        US DOT  Cylinder    Training Qualification  Certificate     



Parts Manufacturer  Approval 



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