Our Staff

GAMECO has now over 6000 employees and a group of elites with exquisite craftsmanship. Every year we attract a large number of outstanding graduates from noted universities all over the country to join and enlarge our team.

In an effort to continuously improve their skills, capabilities and to keep pace with the times, our staff is offered a variety of training. All newcomers will go through the N5 training which covers 5 subjects: company culture; regulations and rules; specialty foundation; professional quality; and people’s physical state. This training helps our new employees master the necessary knowledge and skills, and strengthen their comprehensive quality so that they can soon get adapted to the company’s work style, its code of conduct, and merge into the company culture.

To enrich our staff’s spare time, the company trade union has founded over 20 recreation clubs for employees with different interests. These clubs vary from soccer, basketball, badminton, table-tennis, fishing, photography, aerobics to bicycling. By taking an active part in these clubs, our staff has made themselves not only stronger and healthier, but also full of energy and vitality all the time. In addition, there are birthday parties, gift exchanges and outgoing activities with other organizations, as well as social community activities.


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